Latest KB5RAB Raspberry Pi image #rpi

DMR Quebec

Link to latest KB5RAB Raspberry Pi image
Here I will keep the most current link to the KB5RAB 8gb Raspberry Pi image.
Last update Jan/30/17: Link to images below. See revision history below.
There are 2 image files on this space. (base image with no YSFGateway for fusion) (image with YSFGateway for fusion with MMDVMHost)
If you are not wanting to test with fusion on YSF reflectors please use the first image.
Based off W1MSG Pi 3 Jessie Image. and includes the following: Now includes PIXEL Desktop.
MMDVMHost runs as a service and is set to Autostart. ircDDBgateway set to autostart but can be disabled if not using DSTAR. Bluetooth disabled to allow DVMEGA to work on Pi GPIO pins and internal WIFI to function on a Pi3 . All log files needed from MMDVMHost and ircDDBgateway to allow the dashboard to function are written to RAM disk.
Image may be updated periodically to contain the latest versions of the added software. I will keep the current link to the image in this file on BM3148 Facebook group.
9/27/16: Added updated readme1st.txt and setup documents in the image zip file. Thanks to Jerry KG5JBC for the step by step Image setup document. Thanks to Lloyd KO4L for the setup document for DStar and ircDDB Gateway.
10/4/16: Updated image with latest versions of all included software. Added Scripts to automate updates to MMDVMHost, MMDVMHost-Dashboard, and Dstar Xreflector host file. Added Scripts to Update MD380tools, to run the program to load firmware to radio and to load the UserDB to the radio. Updates to the Readme and other documents also.
11/16/16: Updated image with latest versions of all included software. Upgraded the image to new Pi Pixel desktop Added Ham Radio menu to Pi application menu with all the shortcuts there. Updated DSTAR host files with latest format and fixed issue with XRF host update. Minor updates do readme and documentation.
11/19/16: Added link for second image. This image has YSFGateway added for support for Fusion YSF reflectors with MMDVMHost. I have tested the image and it appears to be working fully. I do not have any Fusion radios to fully test however. Consider it a Beta version with YSF. If you are not wanting to use YSF I recommend using the main image and not this one. 11/21/16: Updated both images with clean install of MMDVMHost. There was an issue with the Nextion screen crashing MMDVMHost. A fresh git clone of MMDVMHost and recompile fixed the issue. Both images were re uploaded to drop box.
12/06/16: Updated both images with Raspian Pixel updates. Added delay to startup on IrcDDBGateway on both images to address issues when using wifi. Added Autostart of MMDVMHost Connect screen delayed until after start of MMDVMHost. This shows the status of the MMDVMHost now on bootup. Updated versions of all included software to latest. Moved Images to new share on Hightail Space for now and the future.
01/30/17: Updated both images with Raspian Pixel OS updates. Updated versions of included software as available. Corrected issues with Update DMRIds.dat file update script for MMDVMHost and added it to run every day at midnight. This will keep the file updated no need to run it manually anymore. Corrected issues on MD380tools scripts and added Separate script for loading firmware to GPS model 380/390 radios. Added script to refresh Git clone source of MMDVMHost if needed for problems after updates. Added instructions to disable IRCDDBGateway and MMDVMHost Autostart to readme on desktop. Added instructions for setting time zone on MMDVMHost dashboard to readme file. Added Experimental version of BlueDV software for linux from PA7LIM to both images. It says there know issues with BlueDV and a DVMega connected directly on Pi GPIO pins. Recommends using bluestack via USB. Also disable MMDVMHos and IRCDDBGateway if you are going to try BlueDV. Included sample code plug for MD380/390 set to the default frequency of mmdvhmost on the image. Code plug includes most English TG on Brandmeister in multiple zones.

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