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Date Format

Allows selection of different formats of the date line in idle screen. "Alt. format" shows the last destination id used in voice packets. "!" shows it was silent, not on speaker because id was not in rxlist


Allows listening to voice calls not in the rxlist.


Enables unstable, and otherwise unfinished features. This setting is reset every time the handset is turned on.

USB logging

Enables output on the USB port. Consumes extra CPU power and thus battery charge.

Also enables system parts, that only produce output on the USB port.

Netmon / DevOnly!! (highly volatile, check back often for changes)

Enables console style information screens, with internals from the handset. Controllable via hotkeys. Not always the same on each release.

3 copy last received TG

Copies received TG (visible in Alt. format statusline) to the current TX TG. Allows any TG received during promiscuous mode to be temporary copied to the current contact. The copied TG persists, until the channel or zone is changed.

4 Netmon 4 - Last Heard Screen with Talker Alias

5 clear syslog

Clears syslog screen (netmon 3)

6 send syslog to USB

If USB logging is enabled, this will send syslog to dmesg (receivable via md380-tool dmesgtail)

7 show normal screen

Show normal idle screen. Also resets QSO popup. To allow menu access during QSO.

8 show screen 1

Show netmon screen 1

9 show screen 2

Show netmon screen 2

(#) show screen 3

Show netmon screen 3. A list of radiopackets decoded:

  • cs G 2046058->204 (= start of group call from 2046058 to 204)
  • ce G 2046058->204 (= end of group call from 2046058 to 204)
  • dh U 2043042->5057 (= datamessage from 2043042 to user 5057, which is the APRS gateway)

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