Contact Manager v2.45

DMR Quebec

The following enhancements are included in Version 2.45:

  • Version 2.45 introduces support for the new version of the CS800D, which has a new codeplug format. Support for all previous models, including the newer TYT MD-2017 and MD-9600 dual band DMR radios, is included. If you've got one of these radios, use Contact Manager to build the perfect codeplug - - use Contact Manager's Structural Import feature to splice together information from your existing codeplug(s) and be on the air in minutes! See Section 6 of the documentation. The full contact capacity of the new CS800D (130,000 contacts) is supported.


  • MD2017/9600 users, Contact Manager supports the full capacity of your radio (3,000 channels, 10,000 contacts, and dual-bank zones.

  • CS800D (Version 2) users, please note that we support the ability to load 130,000 contacts and 4,000 channels in CS800D codeplugs

  • Version 2.45 continues complete cross-codeplug Structural Import. With this functionality you can freely import your choice of complete sets of contacts, scan lists, receive groups, channels, and zones from ANY donor codeplug of ANY supported type (RDT or RDB, it makes no difference.) With Structual Import you can start with any codeplug and pull in just the items you need from other codeplugs. 

    Example #1: If you like the way your MD-380 codeplug works and you've got a brand new CS800, just import the MD-380 structure, complete with contacts, scan lists, and zones right into the MD9600, MD2017, CS800D, or any other codeplug. With Structural Import you can do this with just a couple of mouse clicks! 

    Example #2: Suppose you've got a new CS800D and two older DMR VHF/UHF radios with information you'd like to combine. Simply use Structural Import to pull in all the information you need from the codeplug for each radio (two Structural Import commands), and in minutes you'll be in business.

  • Support for the DMR-MARC database has been enhanced. We've added an Entire Database (WW) button to the DMR-MARC search dialog to let you simply pull all worldwide contacts in. (Right now there are about 78,000 contacts in the WW for RDB radios, you can still "hold the world in your hand" for a little while!)


  • The program now has complete support for RDB (Radio Database) format radios, which includes the Connect Systems CS750, 751, 800, 800D (both versions) and 801. In this release, you can view, edit, import, and export contacts, zones, and channels from all supported radio formats.

  • You can also freely copy contacts, channels, and zones between RDT (CS700/MD380/MD2017) and RDB (CS750/800/others) formatted codeplugs. No more spreadsheets! This means that if you've got a favorite setup in one type of radio, you can quickly replicate it on all of your other radios. It's as simple as copy and paste - - Contact Manager's IntelliPaste technology takes care of the work for you behind the scenes.

  • No need to learn a different software package for each kind of radio! Contact Manager maintains the same look and feel, regardless of the type of radio you're programming.

  • For RDT codeplugs, all of the previous functionality is still available. You may freely edit contacts, channels, zones, scan lists, group lists, and related data.

  • Many makes of radio use the RDT format, but up to now it hasn't been possible to share codeplugs between different manufacturers. Problem solved! Contact Manager can now "jailbreak" codeplugs - - if you've got a perfect MD380 codeplug, convert it for your CSI or AnyTone radio users. This should greatly help with codeplug management - - you can now maintain just one master codeplug, and simply export it to each type of radio you wish to support.

  • ContactManger introduces IntelliPaste technology. When moving channels between codeplugs, Contact Manager evaluates any contact data associated with each channel, and automatically moves any needed contact information to the target codeplug if it's needed. It does this intelligently, so only the necessary contact records are moved. No spreadsheets, no hair pulling. It just works!