Using RF amplifiers with DMR and Openspot #dmr


Hello Mario and Charles,

according to the wiring diagram of the BD-35 amplifier it has relay switching between RX and TX and would
not be fast enough for DMR usage.

Guenther VE2BHH

On 2017-01-24 07:53 PM, Mario - VE2TSM via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Charles,

I am looking at 2 solutions to increase my DMR signal from Rawdon to Montreal.
1st is a small UHF Beam, pretty cheap as a solution, and the other is a
Mirage VHF / UHF Amp  BD-35 ($ 209 U.S.) that is said to be D*Star ready
i would think it would also be fast enough for DMR, details found in the MFJ catalog

you may want to give MFJ A call, to make sure it switches fast enough for DMR

it puts out 35w on UHF

I hope this helps
73's MarioT  VE2TSM