Using RF amplifiers with DMR and Openspot #dmr

Charles Guérin

Hello everyone, I saw that there are amplifiers that are marked as 'DMR capable', as anyone used on of these recently ?

I understand a standard FM linear amplifier will not work properly with a MD-380 or similar transceiver, but I would like to see if I can give my Openspot a little more coverage (1 or 2 watts) using a RF amplifier that can be had for less than 20$. Any thoughts on this ?

I uploaded a file in the group's that discussed using amplifiers with DMR radios, which mentions that a DMR base station uses 4FSK (C4FM) modulation, as opposed to TDMA on a user's radio. Since the Openspot is working simplex would it be possible to make it work ?

Thanks / merci!

Charles VE2FXO