Relais St. Joseph du lac #ve2rcw

DMR Quebec

Relais St. Joseph du Lac
Hybrid / DMR-Analogue 
Multi-Mode / D-Star-Fusion
442.50000 +
BM-Hybrid / MMDVM

Relais Quebec #quebec

DMR Quebec

Relais Quebec
Mont Bélair
Hybrid / DMR-Analogue
Multi-Mode / D-Star-Fusion
442.650  +
BM-Hybrid / MMDVM

PR-M25 #pr25

DMR Quebec

Convertissez votre TYT MD-380/390 HT en un mobile ou base de 25 Watts.-
Convert your 
TYT MD-380/390 HT into a 25 
Watt mobile or base.station.. 
Disponible / Available OCT 2017 
Watt mobile...


DMR Quebec

Mobile Bi-bande VHF & UHF TYT MD-9600 DMR et FM - 
Mobile Dual Band VHF & UHF TYT MD-9600 DMR and FM

Nouveau mobile numérique DMR et analogique FM TYT MD-9600
Bi-bande : Couvre de 136 à 174 Mhz en VHF avec 50 watts et en UHF de 400 à 480Mhz avec 45 watts.

Pas de fréquences 6.25/12.5/25khz, tone 1750Hz, CTCSS, DTMF, 1000 canaux, 16 zones, Tier2TDMA (2 TimeSlot), compatible Mototrbo.

La connectique antenne sur le mobile est SO-239 (UHF femelle).

 Premier01 propose uniquement la version bi-bande (VHF+UHF) annoncé disponible par le fabricant TYT pour début aout 2017.

Livré complet avec : 1 TYT MD-9600 Bi-bande, 1 microphone, 1 étrier support de montage, 1 câble alimentation DC, visses et fusible, manuel en anglais + câble USB de programmation TYT inclu durant l'offre de lancement jusqu'au 31 juillet 2017.

Disponibilité : En STOCK  $399 usd / $499.95 cdn

Dangereux - Dangerous

DMR Quebec

Do NOT TRY THIS at HOME? - N'essayez pas ceci à la maison?

Safety-first / La sécurité d'abord

MD-2017 Update #md2017

DMR Quebec

New software converts MD-380 code plug for TYT MD-2017

The TYT MD-2017 is one of the most eagerly awaited new radios of the year in the DMR community, and with good reason. It isn't just another digital radio. It's a dual band - dual mode portable handheld DMR transceiver, the first of its kind. 
Many hams using DMR who are fans of the popular single band TYT MD-380 are already planning to upgrade to the new dual band model. TYT manufactures both radios, so it's only natural to wonder if a code plug for the MD-380 will also work in the MD-2017, and if not, if there is a way to convert an existing MD-380 code plug into one the MD-2017 can use.

Update: The TYT MD-2017 software is now available! 
There is one caveat. The software allows the MD-380 codeplug to work in the MD-2017. However, once the codeplug is uploaded to the MD-2017, it cannot be exported from the 2017 and loaded back into the MD-380. 
TYT also released a new firmware update for the MD-2017 to accommodate the code plug conversion and fix a few bugs. The new firmware resolves the following:
Resolved an audio issue in repeater mode, when the same frequency is on both A and B sides and one is on time slot 1 and the other is on time slot 2
Under the Zone setting, the same channel can now be assigned for both A and B sides
The MD-2017 can open and use the data from the MD-380
In Digital Mode, the Monitor function can monitor the conversations in different group and single calls
TYT assured us the new firmware would be included with the radio when it arrives. We expect to receive the MD-2017 in our warehouse within the next two weeks.

RT82 #retevis

DMR Quebec

Retevis - RT-82 Dual Band Coming Soon! - Bientôt 

RT82 is coming, DMR dual band, similar with MD2017, We R&D with TYT and another company. Software and functions are Programming based on RT3. RT82 can be used for business(like hotel,KTV, big mall, construction site,Logistics,school...), outdoor sports(like hiking,climbing,camping,CS,surfing...), and hams. Ailunce is a brand mainly for R&D hams products. HD1 is the first radio we R&D by ourselves,collecting advice and tips from hams. RT82 has a wider use range. HD1 mainly for hams. You can choose according to your needs.Your satisfaction is our goal. Thanks for your support to Retevis. About the HD1,we are doing the last adjustment and testing.

MD380ToolZ Editor #ty

DMR Quebec

Ty Weaver's MD380Toolz Editor Demo

Download the video...

MD-2017 #md-2017

DMR Quebec

Photos TYT MD-2017
$300 cdn

MD2017 #md2017

DMR Quebec

Maintenant disponible - Now Available
Limited Quantities - Quantités limitées
$300.00 cdn
Taxes incluses, Tax in
Câble de programmation inclut - programming cable included
Batterie de rechange - incluse - Spare battery included
Premier arrivé premier servi - Premier arrivé premier servi

(514) 900-8442

136-174Mhz - 400-480-Mhz
Analog - DMR
3000 Channels - 10000 Contacts

Cross-connected #bridged

DMR Quebec

Tac 1,2, 3, 310, 311, 312 are cross connected between BM & C-Bridges

Please take note of this update...


Exclusif MD-9600 Exclusive #md9600

DMR Quebec

Exclusif MD-9600 Exclusive
Commandez Maintenant - Order NOW!

Une vue Dayton 2017 Hamvention #dayton2017

DMR Quebec

Une vue Dayton 2017 Hamvention

Sorel Hamfest special #ve2cbs

DMR Quebec

Sorel Hamfest SPECIAL - Antenna

Diamond Original X50 - 146/445 MHz Dual Band Base Antenna - UHF Connector, 5.6 FT
  • X50A 144/440 MHz Dual Band Amateur Base Antenna. 
  • Fiberglass radome, Stainless steel hardware, 
  • Wide Band Performance, 
  • Factory adjusted - no tuning required, 
  • High wind rating, DC grounded.
  • Gain: 4.5/7.2 dB
  • Max Power Rating: 200 Watts
  • Wind Rating: 135 MPH (No Ice)
  • Height: 5.6 feet
  • Connector UHF Female
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

First Look #md2017

DMR Quebec

DMR Gateway #gateway

DMR Quebec


L XLX e DMR GATEWAY. .....presto un altra sperimentazione ci terrà occupati.......Programmate le vostre radio!

David Ik5xmk:
Hi All

DMR is different to the other protocols in use in our hobby, it is centralised. This is probably because this is how commercial networks are created with commercial repeaters and we followed that pattern. The two main networks being DMR+ and BrandMeister. Commercial repeaters don’t have to understand the concept of linking to reflectors or anything above talk groups and private calls. This is a shame for amateurs as having centralised networks which are not open source limits experimentation and choice for the sysops and users.

With the advent of the DMR XLX reflectors that do an extremely impressive job of bridging DMR and D-Star and eventually Fusion, and are open source and independent of the existing networks, I decided that the time had come for me to shine some light into the DMR world and offer choice, in the same way that the ircDDB Gateway had done for D-Star. The DMR landscape needs a shakeup and users given greater choice.

That is why I have created the DMR Gateway, available from my GitHub page. This software allows an MMDVM repeater to able to link to XLX and their existing DMR networks. Furthermore it allows for linking to two existing DMR networks as well as XLX! Almost total freedom.

In order to do this the gateway has the ability to map Talk Groups and Private Calls between slots and even the numbers themselves. Therefore you can have slot 1 TG8 on XLX, and slot 1 TG9 onto slot 1 TG9 of BM, and maybe even slot 1 TG10 onto slot 2 TG9 of DMR+. In fact almost any combination is possible. It can map the private calls needed to switch reflectors. The XLX private calls are fixed as being 4000 to 4026 on either slot, and you can shift the private calls needed on the other networks to whichever range you want. So slot 1 5000-5999 could be mapped onto BM slot 2 4000-4999, etc. It even has an optional option to handle the currently misbehaving IPSC2 implementation, mapping private calls to TGs on an individual basis.

This software has been in use for a few weeks and the software has been updated a number of times based on feedback.

It is very powerful, and so any use of it requires you, the sysop, to sit down and think exactly what layout of TGs and private calls you want, before configuring and running the software. I am sure there’ll be much discussion and example ini files on the group.

Jonathan G4KLX

PS most XLX DMR is on XLX950 module E which is reached via a private call to 4005, and 4000 for unlinking.


MD-2017 #md2017

DMR Quebec

MD-2017 DUAL Band DMR radios arriving this week....Pls send a PM to sales@... if interested....

MD-2017 DUAL Band DMR radios arrivent cette semaine ... S.V.P. envoyé un MP à sales@... si intéressé ....

$219.00 USD + appl. tx.

Paypal only please

TYTERA MD-2017 IP67 Waterproof Dual Band VHF and UHF Handheld DMR with full color display 

Tytera MD-2017 is the first full Tier2 Dual Band Handheld DMR available in the market.With its IP67 certification, this radio dust and waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The DMR radio is dual band can be used on VHF and UHF as fully compliant with Hytera and MOTOTRBO. In addition, this TYT MD-2017 in analog use includes CTCSS / DCS and DTMF via the keyboard too. The combination of analogue and digital offers no limits if you want to migrate from analog to digital radios radios within your network. In digital mode DMR you have the opportunity to apply encryption making eavesdropping impossible and provides safe and confidential communications. Standard with lone worker, remote kill / stun and firmware upgradeable for future additional features and improvements. This radio includes voice recording, storing 10000 contacts and no less than 3000 programmable channels. 

The Tytera MD2017 comes with a powerful 2200 mAh Li-ion battery, IP67 waterproof headset + free software. This new Tytera MD-2017 DMR radio uses a transflective LCD display making the display is also easy to read in direct sunlight. 

Features Tytera MD 2017: - Dual Band VHF + UHF  - Dual Standby - Frequency range TX and RX. VHF 136-174 MHz / UHF 400-470 MHz - Fully continuous TX and RX, broadband  - CTCSS and DCS - 3000 channels - 10000 entries - Voice recorders - Private call match - Group call match - DTMF - VOX - Emergency calls - Lone worker -  use time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital functions - Single call, group call and all call - using Analog and Digital DMR - Talk Around - Big Full Color Display - IP67 Waterproof - 2200mAh Li-ion battery standby time of 2 days! - Transflective LCD - Quick text message  - Improved encryption - Audio power 1 watt Provides sufficient audio under noisy conditions - Transmit power 5/1 Watt - Text messages send individual and group messages - Transmit power adjustable high and low adjustable. - Full compatible with Hytera & MOTOTRBO Tier 1 and Tier 2 - 4FSK digital modulation 12,5 kHz (data only): 7K60FXD 12.5KH (voice + data): 7K60FXE - Digital Protocol ETSI TS 102361-1, -2, -3, - Firmware upgradeable USB - call History - Automatically send for and answers - 12.5 and 25 kHz Grid - TX timer. - Remote Kill - Remote Stun - Remote activate - battery indicator and low battery issues a warning - Battery saver - Keypad Lock - DSP- Digital Sound Processing for less interference - Very Robust Body! - Strong belt clip - Very clear menu - Docking station charging station - Vocoder AMBE + 2 ™  Kit Contents: 1x Tytera MD-2017, 1x charger, 1x Off Panel, 1x Headset IP67 1x Dual Band Antenna, 1x battery 2200 mAh, 1x clip.

This offer made by Premier Communications - sales@... 

Dayton Hamvention 2017 #dayton

DMR Quebec

2017 Hamvention Program

Digital Ham Nets #nets

DMR Quebec

Digital Ham Nets
Matt Gregg

I have created this group for anyone to list nets that are open to users of the DV4mini, DV Mega, DVAP, MMDVM and like devices.

If you have a net you want listed, just post it.

Please remember to list the day, time (local or UTC needs to be mentioned), mode and where the net can be found.

If you have a website showing this information, please include it too.


Matt, WV8MAT

ISS #iss

DMR Quebec

Station International Space Station - BM TG 316272